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Apex Business Consultancy in Ethiopia


Apex Business Consultancy in Ethiopia

Business laws of Ethiopia



Manufacturing Business plan

Shipping, Freight & Trucking

Business procedures in Ethiopia



Our Services

Local Business Consulting

  • Business plan development
  • Business setup display or furniture supply
  • Input supplier/distributer networking
  • Digital marketing services
  • Sales agent service

Investment Consulting

  • Feasibility study
  • Investment laws/incentive advisory
  • Raw material/input Supplier networking
  • Marketing agency Services
  • Wholesale agent
  • Sales agent

Import and Export Trade Consulting

  • Feasible import or export trade sector consulting
  • Fright forwarding and Customs Clearing consulting
  • Import or export trade shipping and customs procedures advisory
  • Importer and Exporter networking
  • Marketing agency services
  • Wholesale agent

Tax Consulting

  • Tax laws Consulting
  • Tax filing or declaring Service
  • Tax complain or appeal handling service

Advertising and promotion

  • Digital marketing agency
  • Social marketing agency
  • Company website and app development
  • Printing advertising
  • TV and Radio Advertising

Supplier and wholesaler networking

  • Different goods supplier networking
  • Wholesalers networking
  • Importer and exporter networking
  • Sales agent service and Networking

Business Setup display or furniture Supply

  • Shop display supply
  • Table, chair and other setup furniture supply and networking
  • Office goods networking

Business information

  • Daily Tenders information
  • International Tenders
  • Expo information
  • Sector based latest news


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Apex Business Consultancy