Voucher scheme export incentive

Voucher scheme export duty incentive

Voucher book means a document printed by the Ethiopian Customs Commission, to be used for recording the balance of duty payable on raw materials imported or bought from bonded input supplies warehouse, for use in the production of goods for external market by persons availing themselves of the voucher export duty incentive scheme.

Beneficiaries of the voucher scheme should have obtained eligibility certificate from Ministry of Industry and participate in the following business discipline; these are a) producer exporters; b) indirect producer exporters; and c) raw material suppliers.

The Ethiopia government implements the following export trade duty Incentive duty incentive schemes;

These are;

a) The duty draw-back scheme;

b) The voucher scheme;

c) The bonded export factory scheme;  

d) The bonded manufacturing warehouse scheme;

e) The bonded input supplies warehouse scheme; and

f) The industrial zone scheme.

In this article we will see the second scheme, the voucher scheme

Procedures for the application of voucher scheme are the following

These are;

  • Persons who have obtained certificate of eligibility for this scheme shall be granted voucher book by the Ethiopian Customs Commission.
  • Then, Beneficiaries of the voucher scheme shall be entitled to take delivery of goods they import, upon the entry in the voucher book of the amount of duty payable on such goods.
  • Then, Raw materials imported under the voucher scheme shall be used in the production of export commodity and the commodity so produced shall be exported within one year from receipt of such raw materials by the beneficiary;
  • A beneficiary of the voucher scheme desiring extension of the period shall be required to submit his application for extension one month before the expiry of such period.
  • A beneficiary of the voucher scheme who has not get extension period and sell raw materials imported under this scheme upon payment of duty chargeable on such raw materials shall pay, in addition to the duty payable on the unused amount of the raw material, be required to pay 50% of the duty.
  • Raw material suppliers may import goods under the voucher scheme if they furnish guarantee in the form of insurance bond in an amount equal to the amount of duty payable on the goods to be imported.

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