Shipping agents and their role in Ethiopia

Shipping agents and their functions in Ethiopia

“Shipping Agents” are those who represent of an owner, charterer or operator of a ship in canvassing and booking cargo or passenger and providing services to the ship inland and at port as necessary and includes the coordination of stevedoring and shore handling services.

The Functions of the Shipping Agency

 The functions of the shipping agency include the following:

 1) Contact various ship owners and obtain advance information of sailing schedule of cargo discharging and loading vessels;

 2) Prepare daily fleet position and distribute to shippers and importers;

 3) provide cargo canvassing, booking and coordination services;

 4) Organize the arrival and departure arrangements of ships and ensure that the country’s foreign trade cargo be transported by sea-worthy vessels;

 5) Follow that export goods have arrived at port before arrival of loading vessel and ascertain that the goods are properly loaded;

 6) notify importers of the arrival of their goods to effect delivery;

 7) Assist the appropriate bodies in order to avoid or minimize congestion of port and delay of services;

 8) Assist in chartering sea-worthy ships;

 9) Collect freight; prepare statement of account and disbursement account;

 10) Coordinate stevedoring and provide cargo super intendancy services;

 11) Provide or arrange ships husbandry services like provision of food, water, etc., to the ship;

 12) provide crew change and repatriation services;

 13) Issue bill of lading, delivery order and prepare other shipping documents;

 14) Facilitate settlement of, claim by cargo owners;

 15) provide protective agency services;

 16) Monitor movements of containers.

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