Procedures to register for tax in Ethiopia

Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Ethiopia

In tax administration proclamation of Ethiopia, it is stated that anyone who earn revenue by undertaking revenue generating activities is obligated to pay tax for the government.

To pay tax, the payer should register for tax and able to get tax identification number.

Here below, we list down the prerequisites to register for tax or to obtain tax identification number. In this article we just focus on the requirements for tax identification number certificate, but there are additional requirements to register for indirect taxes like value added tax (VAT) excise tax and others. See other posts.

You can get the service to register for tax or tax identification number registration, in Addis Ababa from the sub city small tax payer branch offices, where your business lies or from regions revenue collection offices on zones and woredas. Click the link below to get office address.

Prerequisites to obtain TIN Tax identification number for Sole Proprietors, and for diasporas;

  • Provide physical identification information (fingerprint);
  • Renewed resident ID of the manager/shareholder of the company or Renewed Ethiopian/other country passport or renewed Ethiopian/other country driver’s license or certified birth certificate;
  • Evidence from the court about being the guardian of a minor child who inherits the family business;
  • Allotment letter from the company manager.

Prerequisites to obtain Tax identification number (TIN) for different trade associations

  • Approved Articles of Incorporation,
  • General manager’s renewed ID or passport;
  • The company’s office lease agreement or proof of ownership map;
  • Passport size photograph taken within six months;
  • Manager’s Tax Payer Identification Number;
  • Tax identification number of the shareholders of the association;
  • If the applicant is an agent, the legal evidence given about the representation or a representation signed by all the members to be an agent for an association under formation;
  • If there is a foreigner among the partners, the original and photocopy of the passport and proof from the investment office.

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