Means to declare goods for customs in Ethiopia

Means to declare goods for customs in Ethiopia

Declarant/Declaration submitter

Who can submit goods declaration for Customs in Ethiopia?

“Declarant” means any person who submits a goods declaration or on whose behalf a goods declaration is submitted. Thus, any person who has the right to command the goods shall have the right to be the declarant and to be represented by the customs clearing agent.

The declarant shall be responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the details entered in the goods declaration and for the payment of duties and taxes.

Presentation of goods declaration

Goods declaration can be made orally, physically, in writing or electronically. Goods imported or exported with no commercial nature or intention are only be submitted orally to customs Officer or through physical gestures.

If any goods carried by an Importer, Exporter or even passenger are of a commercial nature, the means of Declaration should be summited only on electronic means.

A declaration submitted in writing or by electronic must be filled in a form prepared by the Customs Commission of Ethiopia for this purpose, signed and contain only the details necessary for customs formalities.

When submitting an electronic declaration of goods, the following supporting documents, electronic copies, must be submitted as attachments, depending on the necessity of the commission;

Goods declaration supporting documents

The main Documents are the following;

  • Transportation Document,
  • Invoice,
  • Bank Permit,
  • Packing list,
  • Certificate of origin and
  • Other important documents that the commission decides by directive to ensure that the conditions related to compliance with the customs law are fulfilled.

The Commission may only accept copies of the supporting documents listed above upon good cause shown.

Acceptance of Goods Declaration

A goods declaration shall be deemed to be accepted when the declaration and supporting documents has been registered in the customs database and verified by the Authority for completeness and accuracy.

Verification of goods declaration shall be effected immediately after its presentation.

Any error that makes goods declaration or supporting documents incomplete or defective shall be rectified by the declarant before having the goods declaration registered.

Amendment of Declaration

The declarant may amend one or more of the particulars of a goods declaration already presented; provided, however, that such amendment may not have the effect of rendering the declaration applicable to goods other than those originally declared.

Any amendment may not be made after the Authority has informed the declarant that it intends to examine the documents or goods or it has established that the particulars are incorrect.

Cancellation of Declaration

Where the declarant fails to precede with the customs formalities within five working days after the presentation of a goods declaration or after completion of the preparation of an assessment notice, the goods declaration may be cancelled.

Goods declaration may be cancelled upon the request of the declarant, where it is proved that the declaration has been presented contrary to the provisions of this Proclamation or any appropriate customs procedure and payment has not yet been effected.

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