Goods declaration for customs to import and export Goods in Ethiopia

Goods declaration to import and export Goods in Ethiopia

What is a Goods Declaration?

“Goods Declaration” means a statement of information given by the declarant regarding the customs procedures applicable to imported, exported or transit goods and the particulars required by the Customs commission for its implementation.

Goods Subject to Goods Declaration in Ethiopia

Without prejudice to the provisions of other laws, any import, export or transit goods shall be subject to goods declaration.

Any goods in respect of which goods declaration is presented shall, in the declaration, be identified as:

a) Dutiable or duty free, if entered for home use or under duty draw back import regime;

b) Out right export or temporary export, if entered for  export;

c) imported for inward processing and whether thereis duty draw back;

d) exported for outward processing and whether the import is for home use or whether there is duty drawback: or

e) Temporarily imported without payment of duties and taxes. How to declare to Ethiopian customs, the goods import or export?  see next post

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