Freight Forwarders and their role in Ethiopia

Freight Forwarders and their role in Ethiopia

Who are Freight Forwarders?

“Freight Forwarders” are campanies represents a consignor or consignee locally or internationally in fulfilling customs, port and other formalities import and export cargo at port and includes the transportation and delivery of same.

The Functions of the Freight Forwarders

 The functions of the freight forwarder include the following:

 1) Port clearance;

 2) Customs clearance;

 3) Groupage /consolidation;

 4) Warehousing and delivery services;

 5) Cargo handling equipment services;

6) Transport services, where the freight forwarder provides such services himself;

 7) Transport the cargo using other transporters, where himself or ; cargo owner do not have transport


 8) Fumigation services;

 9) Packing services;

 10) Preparation and issuance of relevant documents;

 ] 1) compliance with foreign trade regulation and letter of credit instructions;

 12) Choice of the most suitable carrier and conclusion of the contract of carriage;

 13) Follow up movement of cargo;  

14) Consultancy services in freight forwarding

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