Value Added Tax (VAT) registration in Ethiopia

How to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) in Ethiopia

Who are taxpayer of Value Added Tax (VAT)?

A person who carries on taxable activity is required to file an application for VAT registration with the Authority if;

A) Compulsory VAT registration

The total value of taxable transactions in a 12-month period with provide proof that it is more than a million;

  • Proof of permanent residence, residence or place of business;
  • Bank account book,
  • Tax Payer Registration Certificate,
  • Business license certificate;

b) Voluntary VAT registration

Evidence of 75% of taxable transactions are with those registered for VAT,

  • Permanent place of residence, residence or business, approved account book;
  • Bank account book,
  • Taxpayer Identification Number Certificate,
  • Business License Main Registration Business License Certificate,

c) Separate VAT registration

  • fixed place of residence, abode or business;
  • Setting up an independent accounting system,
  • Issuance of sub-branch number for the branch;

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