Procedures to file or declare tax in Ethiopia

Requirements to file or declare different types of taxes in Ethiopia.

Business profit and Rental income tax declaration

  • A duly completed Annual Tax Declaration Form;
  • Profit and loss statement and financial reports;
  • Statement of assets and liabilities;
  • Verification of audit report qualification,
  • Depreciation calculation and updated accounting documents;
  • Withholding Details;
  • Withholding Summary
  • FM/Summary Report

Value added tax Declaration

  • A duly completed monthly tax declaration form;
  • Monthly input purchase declaration form,
  • monthly input purchase accounting documents;
  • Summary report
  • Bank certified check (CPO) or cash if less than 1000 Birr;

Declaration of turnover tax

  • Tax declaration form duly completed by the tax deadline;
  • Tax Period Input Purchase Declaration Form
  • Accounting Documents;
  • Summary report

Declaration of excise tax

  • A duly completed monthly tax declaration form;
  • Summary report

Declaration of employment tax, pension contribution and cost sharing tax

  • A duly completed monthly tax declaration form;
  • Payroll of employees

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