The role of customs clearing agents in Ethiopia

The role of customs clearing agents in Ethiopia

As it is declared in the customs proclamation of Ethiopia, the importer or exporter can accomplish different customs formalities by themselves. However, it is highly recommended to undertake customs procedures for both import and export trade through customs clearing agents.

Who is customs clearing agent?

Why customs clearing agent?

Customs clearing agents are agents who are well trained and legally certified by Ethiopian custom commission to undergo customs formalities by representing importers, exporters, investors and others.

The main convincing reasons to hire Customs Clearing agents are the following;

These are;

  • They take training on different rules and procedures of customs and other internationally applicable rules,
  • They have technical knowledge like classifying different import or export goods on internationally applicable harmonized commodity description and coding system,
  • They can calculate the right duty and tax to be payable for the goverment by appling different customs valuation rules and methods
  • and currently they have online customs portal access to fill customs declaration and to follow online the status of the procedures.
  • After all, since they deliver the agent service for different importers and exporters, they have the necessary experience to effectively and efficiently accomplish customs formalities.

Functions or obligations of Customs Clearing Agent

(Reference:   Article 21 of Customs regulation number 518/2022)

Any Customs Clearing Agent shall:-

  1. Submit to the customs commission evidence indicating his authority to act on behalf of his client, when requested by the customs officer;
  2. Have an obligation to undertake his business operation of
  3. Imported goods from gate of entrance to the customs destination of the goods;
  4. For export goods from the station of departure to the customs gate of exit.
  5. Promptly advise his client of his any mistakes or business irregularities in relation to documents and that he has to act in accordance with the law as soon as he is aware of the mistakes of his client;
  6. Ensure as to the legality of information he provides to his client;
  7. Promptly pay duties and taxes, and other fees required by customs to be paid on the goods and have joint and several civil liability to duties and taxes with his client if he has committed a fault that rendered the taxes and duties not to be collected;
  8. Ensure safe arrival of the customs transit goods to the customs destination as per the pre-conditions set by the Commission;
  9. Refrain from any act or attempt of threat, false accusation, manipulation, or offering of gifts, promising or allowing unlawful advantages for customs or police officers who are on duty at any customs station;
  10. Refrain from any act or attempt to acquire or transfer directly or indirectly secrete customs information;
  11. Have the obligation to keep all records with respect to cases on which customs formalities completed and information of all financial transactions, correspondences, and in general all information and complete documents relating to his customs clearing activities;
  12. Permit all documents kept in accordance with the above article to be checked and inspected by customs officer and to take copies of the documents as may be necessary,
  13. Maintain all documents and records related to his activities for a period of five years,

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